MOCI closes 51 shops for non-compliance with rules on price increase

In a tweet, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) has announced the closure of 51 commercial stores in different areas of the country, including restaurants, kitchens, food and consumer good stores, and cafes, for failing to comply with the rules and regulations regarding any increase in prices. The closing period ranged from a week to one month.

Charging a higher price than what has been announced is a violation of obligations under laws and ministerial resolutions on consumer protection.

The 51 shops facing the action are: 
Atayeb Kitchen – Al-Wakra
Chtoura Restaurant- Al Sadd
Aush Al Bulbul Restaurant – Al Sadd 
Reem Albawadi – Al Dafna 
Monoprix – The Pearl-Qatar
Al Sham Roses Restaurant – Al Rayyan 
Old Antakya Restaurant – Al Wakra
Green Mart Fruits and Vegetablesin – Al Wakra 
Shawarma Ala kefak – Old Airport 
Royal Palace Bukhary – Old Airport
Brosted Gulf – Al Nasr 
Al Bashawat Resturant – Bin Mahmoud 
Al Arrab Coffee & Roastery
Hot Chicken restaurant – Al Wakra
Kalha Restaurant – Bin Mahmoud
Noor restaurant – Fereej Al Murra
Biryani Corner – Al Matar Street 
Shabrawi Restaurant – Madinat Khalifa South
Al Sultan Restaurant – Al Nasr Street 
Al Khair Fish Restaurant – Al Wakra 
Diwan Al Jazeera Restaurant – Al Rayyan 
Pattiesere Suisse – Al Wakra
Karak Mqanes  – Al Wakra 
The Public Kitchen –  Madinat Khalifa South
Eshtorah Grill Restaurant – Al Wakra 
Aush Al-Bulbul Restaurant – Al Aziziya 
Village Bakery – Al Wakra 
Kofta and Tarb Restaurant – Al Rayyan 
Tasty Tea – Al Wakra 
Jabal Lebnan Restaurant – Al Merqab 
Modern istanbul restaurant – Al Rayyan
Palestine Falafel Restaurant – Al Wakra 
Absi Chai – Al Wakra 
Al Qarmouty Seafood Restaurant – Freej Abdul Aziz 
Arzet Lebanon  – Al Merqab 
Jabal istanbul restaurant – Old Airport 
Zaman Al Khair Restaurant – Al Wakra 
Spice up Grills & Restaurant – Salwa Road 
Azoaq Restaurant pies  – Al Rayyan 
Hardee’s – Al Wakra 
Mugalt Harees Alwaldah  – Salwa Road 
Marhaba Istanbul – Al Wakra 
Loqma shahia – Muaither
Debs W Remman  – The Pearl Qatar 
Petra Restaurant – Al Wakra 
Little Pearl Seas Seafood Restaurant – Al Gharafa
Panoor Restaurant – Al Khor 
Take Qahwa – Al Hilal 
Star Burger – Al Najma 
Mister Appetizer Restaurant – Al Hilal 
Abdo Kofta Restaurant – Zone 71

The Ministry has urged all citizens and residents to report any violations or infractions related to registration and commercial licensing, or non-compliance with preventative and precautionary measures, through its Call Center: 16001, Twitter: @MOCIQATAR, and Instagram: MOCIQATAR.