All students back to school from Sunday: Ministry

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education has announced that from Sunday, October 3, 2021, kindergartens, schools and higher education institutions will return to study with full attendance of students at 100% of the approved capacity of the school building.

The Ministry announced the easing of some precautionary measures and restrictions, in line with the plan to gradually lift restrictions imposed as a result of combating the spread of the Corona virus (Covid-19), these measures include Governmental and private kindergartens, schools and higher education institutions returning to full attendance from Sunday, October 3, 2021, with the need to adhere to the following:

Maintaining the appropriate distance between the student and his colleague, which is a minimum of one meter at all times.

Observing physical distancing in employee rooms and offices, and making sure to leave a safe distance between the employee and his colleague.

Requiring all students and administrative and teaching bodies to wear a mask while in schools and higher education institutions.

Continuing to apply the bubble system in study and transportation:

Allowing the use of buses to transport students, with a capacity of 75%.

Continuing to apply the attendance and absence policy.

Adhere to precautionary measures to prevent disease, such as washing hands and sterilizing them with disinfectants constantly and disinfecting surfaces with sterilizers.

 Adhere to the precautionary decisions and measures related to the implementation of the fourth phase of the plan to lift the precautionary restrictions.

Obligating all students from the age of 12 years and above, employees and workers in schools, kindergartens and higher education institutions, to conduct a rapid test for the Corona virus (Rapid Antigen) or a test (PCR approved by the Ministry of Public Health, on a weekly basis, for those who have not received or completed doses of the Covid-19 vaccine). Those who have recovered from the disease are excluded from the examination procedure.