Teeja Punjab

Amberdeep Singh wins hearts both as an actor and writer, Nimrat Khaira astonishes all with her performance

STORY: ‘Teeja Punjab’ is a story of emotions that every farmer and his family has for their land. This goes without saying that a farmer treats his land as his mother and can do anything to protect it. The plot very beautifully presents the very sentiment. It brings to light the strength and dedication of farmers, alongside their unity. At the same time, there is a plot, which shows an irresponsible husband losing everything to his bad habits and a wife who is tired of adjusting with him. Thereafter, the story revolves around the very husband’s struggle to get his land back from the Sarpanch of the village, who fooled him into signing the wrong papers and then took hold of his land.

Nevertheless, the very husband too changes with time, when he sees the true human values and emotions.

REVIEW: The story starts with the village master (teacher) presenting a show on Shahid Bhagat Singh. On one hand, the Master tries to bring forth the sacrifices made by Bhagat Singh, and on the other hand, the lead actor of the movie Bhagat (Amberdeep Singh) can be seen being bribed for his vote. Bhagat is an alcoholic, who votes only for money; therefore when he gets a better offer from the opposition, he contributes to their victory.

These irresponsible acts of Bhagat are not at all appreciated by his wife Mohni (Nimrat Khaira). Mohni has a great attachment to her belongings. She doesn’t even let a bowl being wrong acquired by someone, let alone her land. Therefore, when she figures out that the Sarpanch (B.N. Sharma) makes a wrongful possession over her land because of her husband, she gets really angry and leaves the house with her kid in an instant.

This breaks Bhagat emotionally. He tries to contact the Sarpanch, but he never gets a hold of him. He goes to the cops, but no one comes to his rescue.

On the other hand, new farm bills are introduced and farmers led by the master decide to go on a protest so that they can talk to the government. Every farmer, despite their age, size of land, family background, moves to the city to stand in unity for their lands. The movie shows how all of them stand in solidarity for their rights and stick together until their voices are heard.

The Sarpanch of the village isn’t happy with the farmers’ protest and the leader of the farmers – the master. He fears that he might lose his chair to the master. Therefore, he lures Bhagat into another trap and tells him that he will return his land to him if he manages to bring the farmers back to the village. Bhagat initially hesitates, but then falls prey to Sarpanch’s wordplay. However, after spending time at the protest and understanding the value of not just land, but the worth of unity, human emotions, Bhagat changes and he changes for the better. He not only goes against the will of Sarpanch but also gets back his land.

Though the movie is more than 2 hours long, nothing in the plot looks stretched. Amberdeep Singh as Bhagat plays the main lead with flaws. It is not very common to show a hero with flaws, but Amberdeep Singh didn’t present the savior of the day in the form of his lead, rather showed a perfectly imperfect man and his struggles. Right from his writing to execution, everything is just on point. On the other hand, Nimrat Khaira as a frustrated wife in the movie did complete justice to her role. Her every and every expression was pure gold and Pollywood does need more strong female characters like her.

Further, B.N. Sharma is playing a negative role in the movie as the Sarpanch, which is completely opposite from his comic image. With this character, B.N. Sharma has proved his versatility once again.

Last but not the least, every other supporting character, be it Gurpreet Bhangu, Karamjit Anmol, Aditi Sharma, or the child artist, has put their heart into the movie