Good News for all those people who want to visit Qatar! The government of Qatar has updated its travel and return policy, canceled quarantine, and pre-travel PCR test for local citizens who got vaccinated against Covid-19 for those who arrive after 7 PM on Monday, February 28, 2022. The new policy abolishes the green, red, and exceptional red lists. There will be two types of health measures- “standard” and “red.” The red health measures apply to travelers from 9 countries- Sri Lanks, the Philippines, Pakistan, Nepal, Jordan, India,  Bangladesh, Egypt, Georgia,

Standard health measures

● Qatar’s local citizens are not required to live in quarantine if they are fully vaccinated or fully recovered from Covid-19. But, they need to isolate themselves for five days if they do not get the vaccine or are not immune from the diseases.

● Unvaccinated people and non-immune residents must submit a Pre-travel PCR testing report with a 48-hour validity during departure. After arriving, fully-vaccinated individuals need to undergo a PCR test within 24 hours and a rapid antigen test on the 5th day.

● All visitors must participate in pre-travel testing. After traveling, unvaccinated travelers will have to go under a rapid antigen test on the 5th day.

Red Health Measures

● Local Qatari people and citizens from red-list counties are not required to go under quarantine if they have taken the Covid-19 vaccine or recovered from the disease. Unvaccinated individuals and non-immune persons need to isolate themselves for five days. They need to take Pre-travel testing. After traveling, they should participate in a rapid antigen test within 24 hours, a PCR test on the first day, and a quick antigen test on day 5 (unvaccinated).

● Travelers need to live in one-day hotel quarantine if they are fully vaccinated and recovered from the diseases. They can’t be denied to enter Qatar if they don’t follow these rules. Nevertheless, citizens from GCC countries and unvaccinated people can enter Qatar if they are ready to live in 5-day hotel quarantine (home quarantine for first-degree relatives). After arrival, vaccinated and recovered people need to pass a rapid antigen test on the first day.

Immunity status

Individuals who took a booster dose or the 2nd dose of a recognized Covid-19 vaccine (in 9 months) will be treated as fully vaccinated. In addition, immunity will be given to people recovering from Covid-19 (in 9 months).

Unvaccinated Kids

Unvaccinated kids below 12 traveling with fully vaccinated or recovered guardians must abide by the same rules applicable to their parents. But they don’t need to have a pre-travel PCR test. But they need to have a rapid antigen test.

Follow these rules and travel to Qatar safely: