MOPH updates Covid-19 vaccination certificates

The Ministry of Public Health has updated the format of its COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate to include the booster dose of the vaccine and to enhance alignment with international travel requirements.

The updated certificate format now includes details of COVID-19 vaccine booster doses for those individuals who have received it, and contains additional information in alignment with the Qatar Airways IATA Travel Pass Digital Passport’ Mobile App, as well as the European Union Digital COVID-19 Certificates.

For those who have previously obtained and printed their MOPH COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate, the Ministry stated that the previous certificate format remains valid and can continue to be used as proof of vaccination in Qatar and abroad; and it is not required to re-print or re-download the new certificate format.

For those who have already obtained their third COVID-19 vaccine dose/booster dose, the new certificates can be downloaded from the MOPH COVID-19 website from Wednesday, October 20.

Individuals requesting a certificate online will be required through the link to login to the National Authentication System (NAS), or Tawtheeq, by using their username and password in order to access their vaccine certificate.

For individuals completing their full course of the primary vaccine series (two doses for Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca or one dose for Janssen), the new certificate will be available seven days following the last dose administration date.

For individuals receiving their third dose/booster dose, the new certificate will be available within 24 hours after the third dose has been given.

COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates can be downloaded from the MOPH website here