One of the great talking points in the fitness world is whether it is better to train in a gym or go it alone at home?

You cannot miss the abundance of online videos, workout programmes and plans that are now available online (many for free) but will they really help you achieve your goals?

Well everyone has their own opinion, for some working out at home is preferable to sweating it out at the gym, whereas others want (and need) the gym environment to get them “in the zone”.

So, if you’re not sure we’ve listed 11 benefits only a gym can provide, then you can decide for yourself, which suits you best.

1. Added motivation (personal investment)

When you invest money into something you make more than just a financial investment… you tend to care about it more too, and when you pay for a gym membership you make a formal commitment and this is a great way to succeed with your fitness goals.

2. A fit community

Being around other gym members with the same mind-set as you (to get a fitter/better body) is great for firing up your commitment. It can also bring out a little healthy competition too – c’mon admit it, it’s hard not to up your speed on the treadmill when someone is next to you going for it!

3. The equipment

Gyms have a wide range of exercise equipment – that’s kinda the whole idea of a gym, so unless you have a very substantial home gym, you will never match this.
They’ll have both cardiovascular and resistance machines, along with free weights and functional training kit too, all of which makes it possible for you to do a huge array of exercises, and most importantly, develop the muscle groups of your choice with training methods you desire.

4. Free support network

Most gyms will offer some kind of induction to get you started and even put together a programme for you should you wish. From there on if you’re ever struggling with something, or are looking to progress further, there will be staff on-hand to help you. All gym staff will happily spend a little bit of time with you if you ask – showing you new exercises or checking your technique, just ask.
Also, you may find your fellow gym goers are also a great support too, we see it all the time, people stepping in to help someone else, whether it’s to spot for them or share tips and advice.

5. Flexible workouts

You often hear people say they don’t have time to the gym but this is a bit of a common misconception, as you don’t have to be in there for hours to get results! The gym is actually a great way for those who are short of time to get the very most out of their exercise time.
With the wide offering at a gym you can easily adapt a workout to suit your schedule and get the most bang for your buck, by making each second of your workout count! Whether it’s a quick HIIT session on the treadmill, or a short arms session, you can be as quick or long as you like.

6. Group fitness

Possibly one of the most underutilised benefits of a gym is its group exercise classes! Most gyms will have a timetable full of fitness classes and group exercise is one of the best ways to get fit and lose weight! The benefits of group exercise are amazing – check out our blog for further details. This is certainly something you cannot replicate alone.

7. Social network

Many people join a gym for the additional social benefits. By using a gym you will be in contact with likeminded people and it’s only natural that you’ll to get to know a few faces – especially if you attend weekly classes. Even just the odd “hello” and “how are you?” is a nice way to feel part of something, and we often see people having a chat or a coffee after a class or a session, it’s a great way to evaluate the workout you’ve just done, and gain some useful insight and advice too.

In addition, by getting to know people at your gym it can help you to attend more often and work out harder when you are their – so they really re friends with benefits!

8. A stable environment

Good gyms will have good air conditioning and be a stable and safe environment to train in. We all know we can’t control the weather, but by training in a gym you don’t have to worry about this ever. They are also lit well with motivational music playing which makes them conducive to a good work out.

9. Less distractions

Training at home or in the park can result in many distractions such as; the TV, the kids, housework or a dog chasing ducks in the park! You get the picture; basically it can see you looking for any excuse not to exercise. In the gym you’re more likely to be focused on your workout, because that’s why you are there!

10. It can provide inspiration

In the gym you’ll be surrounded by others working out and they will be a great source of inspiration! There are so many different exercise options in the gym, yet it can be easy to get stuck in a rut, but by seeing others using kit you’ve never used before or doing different exercises, you will be inspired.
Now we also have to talk about body goals – it is only human to look at others and aspire, and we think this is a positive. By seeing what your body can look like with consistent exercise you will feel inspired, and even a bit of green-eyed-monster can help you by can firing up your competitive nature to help you get in better shape.

11. Free hot showers and shower gel

OK, this one may be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but you’d be surprised by the number of people who do list that as a benefit, and they have a point…. 

While we understand that a gym any not be everyone’s cup of tea we are confident that it does certainly offer a whole host of benefits.

We are proud of our extremely well qualified fitness staff and well-equipped gyms.