Exclusive: Natkhat still within the race to Oscars 2021; Shaan Vyas ‘surprised at reports’ expressing something else

Vidya Balan starrer Natkhat, which released back in June 2020, is still in the race for Oscars 2021 despite rumour mills buzzing with the contrary. While recent reports suggest that the Writer-director Keith Gomes’ short film titled Shameless, is India’s official entry in the 93rd Oscars in the Live Action Short Film category, the audience will find little truth in the premature news. We recently spoke to Natkhat’s director Shaan Vyas, and he clarified there’s no announcement as such, and the actual announcement will be around February’2021.

He added, “I’m surprised at reports as in fact, Natkhat won ‘best film’ at Best of India Short Film Festival, is eligible for Oscar qualification and very much in the race to the Oscars 2021. The Oscar Shortlists Announcement only comes out in February 2021.” 

Currently, the shortlisted list of five films that included Natkhat, Shameless, Sound Proof, Safar and Trapped are eligible for Oscar qualification, and none of them has been announced as India’s Official Entry yet.

For those who haven’t seen the film yet, Nathkat is a 2020 Indian short film directed by Shaan Vyas and written by Vyas and Annukampa Harsh. It tells a story of a doting mother who educates her young son about gender equality. It premiered on YouTube as part of the We Are One: A Global Film Festival. With an ensemble cast of Vidya Balan, Sanika Patel and Raj Arjun, the short film won various accolades and critical acclaim as well.