Ranveer Singh reveals what’s it like to marry into Deepika Padukone’s sports-oriented family; shares unknown deets of his relationship

Ranveer Singh revealed what is it like to marry into Deepika Padukone’s sports-oriented family. The Cirkus actor revealed what they do when the families have a get-together. He heaped praises on his father-in-law, Prakash Padukone.

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh make for one of the most loved couples in B-Town. The Bajirao Mastani duo married in 2018 in a lavish wedding ceremony at Lake Como, Italy. Currently, Ranveer Singh is satiating his inner sports fan and touring US and UK attending leagues and NBA games. The actor is very attached to sports and is also associated with one of the sports-oriented families thanks to his wife, Deepika Padukone. Deepika is Prakash Padukone’s daughter who is considered to be one of the finest badminton players in the country. Deepika’s sister Anisha is a pro-golfer. And hence, Ranveer recently opened up on what’s it like to be married into the sports-oriented family of Deepika Padukone. And that’s not it, he also shared unknown and interesting deets about his relationship with Deepika and the Padukones.

Ranveer Singh revealed that every time there’s a get-together with the Padukone, at their house, there’s a game of Badminton held. And papa Padukone aka Prakash Padukone is the showman. Ranveer couldn’t stop heaping praises on his father-in-law. He added that he was bowled away with Papa Padukone’s agility at 66. Ranveer Singh shared with Hindustan times that his father-in-law will stand in one place and make him run around during the game. He also has a lot of tricks that he showcases every now and then, leaving him in awe. Ranveer also talked about how Prakash Padukone shares his wisdom with them and how it is invaluable for him. 

The Cirkus and Jayeshbhai Jordaar actor also revealed that ever since he started dating Deepika in 2012, he had been playing badminton with her but couldn’t beat her even once. Initially, Ranveer revealed that Deepika would get him out under 5 or 10 points. However, gradually, he has learned the sport and now can play for about 15-16 minutes. But Ranveer is yet to beat Deepika, even after ten years of being together. The actor revealed that whenever they get together, cinema is never the topic that is discussed or talked about. Instead, the whole family sits together and watch sports. He said that it’s one of their favourite activities to do together. Ranveer revealed that his sister-in-law is a Manchester United fan and hence, they often bond over it. He also revealed that they watch and bond over IPL as well. While Ranveer is Mumbai Indian’s fan, Deepika and her family are Royal Challengers Bangalore fans. Imagine the atmosphere! 

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Source: Bollywoodlife