Laws governing Tobacco usage in Qatar

The laws aim to protect Qatar from smokers as well as non-smokers, with all violations and penalties outlined.

Find out what you have been missing about these laws, as well as the highlights.

Is Tobacco allowed in Qatar?

In general, the possession or the manufacturing of tobacco or its derivatives is prohibited.

Packing, mixing, or preparation of such substance in any form, for any purpose such as sale or resale is not allowed in Qatar.

So, Whatever is the intended use of tobacco products, is prohibited, as is the export, import, or usage of manufacture or automated devices for the preparation or sale of cigarettes.

When is it Permissible to Use Tobacco in Qatar?

While tobacco dealings in Qatar remain prohibited. There are certain standards that tobacco manufacturers should comply with. A set of standards set by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

For starters, every importer of tobacco or its derivatives, such as cigarettes of different kinds, should notify the Ministry in writing one week before the shipment is scheduled for delivery in Qatar.

Entities that have closed rooms or seperated cabins for smoking shisha can expect to have their commercial license revoked. 

Additionally, one can expect to pay a fine of QR 3000 in case of smoking in closed indoor areas.

What is the difference between Tobacco and Cigarettes?

In comparison to cigarettes, tobacco products can contain up to seventeen grams of tobacco, which is equivalent to the amount in one pack or two of cigarettes, and that is incredibly dangerous and causes a number of health threats.

Tobacco also comes in a number of forms such as Sweika which is typically sniffed nasally, and that is also prohibited in Qatar. 

Are there any laws that protect us from “second hand smoking”?

In Qatar, the Ministry of Public Health conducts ongoing campaigns to prevent smoking, especially indoors where tobacco products are sold.

There is a risk of secondhand smoke exposure outside, and though it is non-direct smoking that occurs involuntarily, it is important that you don’t put yourself in a position to be exposed to smoke or inhale it.

Can I smoke while I drive?

No. If you do so, a fine will be imposed on you according to the law where you will be paying a penalty of QR 3000 especially in the presence of someone under the age of 18.

What kind of prosecutions should I expect if I did not follow those laws?

According to article 20 of Law No. 10 of 2016 on the Control of Tobacco and its Derivative.

Accordingly, the court of law may order to fortify the material and tools used in the production or consumption of Tobacco.

The perpetrator shall pay for the destruction of such materials and tools without damaging the environment.

Additionally, the court may order that the area where the violation occurred be closed for a period that does not exceed three months.

Why is it Hard to Stop Smoking?

The absence of nicotine causes physical and mental withdrawal symptoms.

Physically, your body is trying to adjust to the absence of nicotine, while mentally, you are giving up a habit, which is a life changing experience.

Withdrawal symptoms may last a few days to several weeks. They get better every day that you don’t smoke.

How can I get help if I can’t quit smoking?

With Hamad Tobacco Control Center’s you can ensure the best quality of care under the care of specialized clinicians.

Located in Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), this center is open to all who need assistance in smoking cessation.

It provides free services to everyone and is considered one of HMC’s best treatment services.

How did Qatar set out its plans to prevent tobacco consumption?

The Qatar National Health Strategy 2018-2022 outlines plans to reduce tobacco consumption by 5% by the end of 2022, along with initiatives to promote a healthy lifestyle.