‘Shah Rukh Khan scolds me’: Juhi Chawla reveals what happens when KKR loses a match

Juhi Chawla revealed how KKR meetings go after the team has lost a match. She said her friend and co-owner Shah Rukh Khan ends up talking about ‘random stuff’ and ends the meeting by saying, ‘Play well’.

As The Kapil Sharma Show hosted 90s iconic actresses Juhi Chawla, Ayesha Jhulka and Madhoo a few weeks back, a lot of interesting anecdotes came tumbling out — both about the era gone by and the film industry today. Now, Kapil shared a ‘best of’ moments from the video on YouTube where Juhi speaks about the Indian Premier League (IPL) team she co-owns with Shah Rukh Khan, Kolkata Knight Riders, and how the team deals with disappointments.

Juhi said that she is superstitious about KKR’s matches and believes that when she, husband Jai Mehta and Shah Rukh Khan are standing together, the team is more likely to win. However, things sometimes don’t go according to plan and KKR starts losing. She said that is the time that she starts praying to every god and begins to chant mantras. Shah Rukh Khan, on the other hand, starts scolding her while talking about how the players are performing.

“Shah Rukh mujhe daantne lag gaye. ‘Bowling kaise kar raha hai, bowling should be according to the fielding. This is not right. I must call a team meeting.’ Mereko daant rahe hai. Main toh wahaan khadi hoon, mujhe pata nahi kya karoon (Shah Rukh starts scolding me about the performance of players. ‘How is he bowling, he should be bowling according to the fielding. This is not right. I must call a team meeting.’ He scolds me. I just stand there, not knowing what to do),” she said.

She says that SRK then calls a team meeting. Juhi added that when everyone expects SRK to be really angry, he will start talking about random stuff and will conclude the meeting by just saying, “Play well.”