Doha ranks second safest city in the world, again

Qatar’s endeavours to provide security within and beyond its borders is reflected in this year’s Numbeo crime index report.

Scoring 86.17% in the safety index and 13.83% in the crime index, Doha is ranked as the second safest city globally, following its same position (with different index numbers) the previous year, according to Numbeo’s Crime Index by City 2022 report.

The crime index calculations are an approximation of the overall degree of crime in the city or country in question, whilst the safety index is an approximation of the general safety levels.

Numbeo is the world’s biggest database of user-contributed data on countries and cities globally.

Aside from crime rates, Numbeo also covers current and timely information on living conditions including the cost of living, housing indicators, healthcare, traffic and pollution.

Numbeo bases its rates on surveys from the visitors of the website, where the questions asked are similar to those of scientific and government surveys.

The website was cited by different news outlets including the BBC, The Washington Post, The Week, Forbes, The Economist and Business Insider.

The Crime Index by City 2022 report covered 459 cities in total and positioned Doha as the 458th city, attaining second place after Abu Dhabi (459th).

Amongst the top ten cities, Doha is followed by Sharjah, Taipei, Dubai, Makkah, Muscat, Manama, Hong Kong and Yerevan.

Such rates are indicative of Qatar’s efforts to provide a secure environment for its civilians.

On a regional level, Qatar has also taken part in different humanitarian initiatives abroad to ensure the safety of other civilians. Its humanitarian efforts are highlighted through the countless aid convoys sent to Gaza, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Syria.

Its efforts to act as a mediator within the region is also evident between regional rivals, such as Iran and other GCC states.

Source: Doha News