Which Airline to Book When Flying from Pakistan to UAE

Traveling via air has never been more complicated. There are over 5,000 airlines in the world. The coronavirus pandemic caused airline companies all around the world to make changes, in terms of travel requirements, with more complications and paperwork. While this was mainly due to every country’s respective Government’s rules and regulations, people found it quite irritating to travel via air.

However, as Covid-19 is gradually declining, airline companies are trying to make travel more easy and convenient for air travelers. While the rules and regulations, with regards to Covid-19 testing, quarantine and vice versa remain, airline companies are providing unique incentives to help passengers and travelers get comfortable with air travel post-Covid.

If we talk about people looking to fly from Pakistan to UAE, then you’d be excited to know that many restrictions have been eased, and companies are putting up promotional offers to accommodate your trip. Every airline is unique in its own perspective, but choosing the right one, when traveling to UAE from Pakistan, entirely comes down to personal preference of certain perks and nature of travel.

Today, we’re going to enlist the best airline companies you can book your tickets from, when traveling to UAE from Pakistan.

  1. Pakistan International Airlines – PIA or Pakistan International Airlines is very popular, when it comes to general travel between Pakistan to UAE, since it is quite easy and convenient for travelers to book tickets, at a cost effective price tag. You book your flight from Pakistan to UAE for as low as $320 (one-way), without any hassle. Just visit the airline’s official website, and place your orders online, checking out through your MasterCard or VISA. Also, there are mostly hot promotional offers with certain percentage discounts on specific banks.

You can book the tickets from this link: https://www.piac.com.pk/

  1. Emirates – Emirates is another very popular choice amongst travelers, when booking flights from Pakistan to UAE, or from UAE to Pakistan. Emirates’ customer service is excellent with top notch reception. Fares are also reasonable, when it comes to the service quality of the renowned airline. Economy class fares range between $350 to $400.

You can book the tickets from this link: https://www.emirates.com/ae/english/book/

  1. Air Arabia – Air Arabia is a popular airlines company, preferred by air travelers traveling from UAE to Pakistan or from Pakistan to UAE. Like Emirates, its service quality very good, with good on-board refreshments and entertainment, and smooth boarding procedure. The tickets range between $340 to $380

You can book the tickets from this link: https://www.airarabia.com/en/book-flight – you can further use the Air Arabia Coupon Code to book a flight.

  1. Air Blue – Air Blue is an airline company that is getting quite popular these days and more passengers are booking their in-bound and out-bound flights form Air Blue. The reason why Air Blue is becoming so popular for flights between Pakistan and UAE, is due to the cheap air tickets, which, at times, are very rewarding and complete value for money. You can grab a ticket from Pakistan to UAE for as low as $300. Plus, if you book from their app, you’ll get even more discount.

You can book the ticket from this link: https://www.airblue.com/bookings/m/flight_selection.aspx

  1. FlyDubai – FlyDubai used to be the go-to choice for almost all air travelers coming from UAE to Pakistan or Pakistan to UAE, because of its attractive round-trip packages and special offers, which were very hard to miss out on. However, since the onset of Covid-19, promos and offers declined, but the airlines company is back to producing great economy deals for the general public planning travel between Pakistan and UAE. You can round-trip fare for as low as $520, which is an excellent economy package.

You can book the tickets from here: https://www.flydubai.com/en/

  1. Etihad Airways – Etihad Airways is mostly preferred by Business Men and special purpose trips, accommodated by companies and organizations. The ticket prices are notably higher for flights between Pakistan to UAE, which is why it’s a less popular option by the general public, but the experience itself is one of its kind, with special privileges and incentives. You can book a flight for as low as $850.

You can book the tickets from here: https://www.etihad.com/

  1. GulfAir – GulfAir is another very cost-effective option when it comes to out-bound or in-bound traveling between Pakistan and UAE. The packages vary from season to season, like any other airline companies. However, the experience is quite exciting with GulfAir, with excellent reception and customer service on-board, coupled with thorough safety protocols. You can fly from Pakistan to UAE with GulfAir for as low as $400.