| Horror, Mystery, Thriller |

Director(s): Justin McMillan

Writer(s): Eddie Baroo, Marc Furmie

Cast: Eddie Baroo, Lisa Kay, Martin Sacks

Duration: 1 hr. 41 mins.


It’s an Australian horror-mystery that features many interesting characters and a very dark plot. A serial killer of children has been discovered but one child is still missing.


The basis of this horror movie is a woman searching for her missing son. The plot thickens when we learn that a serial killer of children has been discovered. However, he killed himself immediately after being caught (or rather, before they got him in custody) and this woman’s son is still missing. It’s never really a question of whether her son is still alive. She never believes that he is, but she needs to find him in order to get any kind of closure.

That’s why the mother, Hanna, moves to the town where the serial killer lived (and died). However, she soon discovers that many children have died in this town and the people living there have a very different kind of relationship with death than what you’d expect.