Operation Java – (2020) Malayalam

| Adventure, Crime |

Release Date : 12 Feb 2021

Cast: Vinayakan, Balu Varghese

Director: Tharun Moorthy

Operation Java is a Malayalam thriller-drama, helmed by Tharun Moorthy. The movie stars Shine Tom Chacko, Vinayakan and Mathew Thomas in the lead roles.

If there is a will, there is a way is the message of Operation Java written and directed by debutant Tharun Moorthy, and with Balu Varghese and Lukman Avaran in the lead. Life is tough for Antony and Vinay Dasan, two unemployed BTech graduates. But one day, things turn around when they walk into the Kochi cyber cell office providing a new perspective to a famous film piracy case, which has already been investigated by the cyber cell. After listening to them, the authorities decide to reopen the case and bring in the duo as part of the police team.

The crux of Operation Java is built on two timely themes – cyber issues and the plight of daily wage workers. Also, it gives a fresh angle to the worn out ‘have a BTech, but not working’ topic. These guys really want to put their talent to good use.

 Faiz Siddik’s cinematography, music by Jakes Bejoy and some thrilling action sequences at the end of the movie enhance the plot.