Reunion – (2020) English

|Mystery, Thriller |

Reunion is a 2020 New Zealand horror film written and directed by Jake Mahaffy and stars Julia OrmondEmma DraperJohn BachCohen Holloway and Nancy Brunning.

In Reunion, tensions are high from the very beginning as heavily pregnant Ellie (Emma Draper) reunites with her estranged mother Ivy (Julia Ormond) in her childhood home. It’s immediately obvious that their relationship is complex, as Ellie seems very reluctant to accept help from her mother, even being visibly offended when she tries to touch her.

It soon becomes clear that this family is harbouring some dark secrets, as Ellie finds herself plagued with unpleasant visions of her late sister Cara (Ava Keane). Spending time in her childhood home forces Ellie to confront some inner demons, and past memories she’d rather keep buried.


When Ellie returns to her childhood home, heavily pregnant, she’s reunited with her estranged mother. She becomes consumed by dark memories that haunt the house and ends up unearthing the hidden, horrifying reality of her family.

Release Date (Theaters):Feb 5, 2021  Limited

Release Date (Streaming):Feb 5, 2021

Runtime: 1h 35m