Collectors – (2020) Korean

| Adventure, Crime |

Collectors is a new South Korean heist caper film which brings its own unique look to the genre by placing real Korean heritage sites including ancient shrines and tombs at the center of its heists. Collectors looks and sounds the part as it aims to win audiences over with its colorful ensemble cast and exciting locations.

When the word gets out that the ancient king’s treasure rumored to worth a fortune is buried in the royal tomb located in the heart of Seoul, a group of excavators known as the “Collectors” sets out to claim the prize. As people with different intents and schemes join the competition, the so-called Collectors must both work together and outplay each other at the same time to seize their final win. Who will be the final winner to retrieve the king’s relics?

Kang Dong-goo is a genius robber with a unique touch and intuition. He works with antiquated burial place mural expert, Dr. Jones and legendary shoveling master, Sapdari. There is curator Yoon, an antiques expert, she offers an appealing but daring heist idea to Kang Dong-goo.

Running time: 1hr 54mins


The film released on November 4, 2020, opened at top of local box office.