Skylines (2020) English

| Action, Adventure |

Director: Liam O’Donnell

WritersMatthew E. Chausse, Joshua Cordes2 more  »

Cast: Lindsey MorganJonathan HowardDaniel Bernhardt | »

Release Date (Theaters): Dec 18, 2020  Limited

Release Date (Streaming): Dec 18, 2020

Runtime: 1h 50m

Skylines” is indeed the third movie in the “Skyline” now-trilogy, which started back in 2010 with a “Cloverfield”-like alien invasion, directed on the cheap by Greg and Colin Strause mostly on the streets of LA. O’Donnell’s directorial debut, “Beyond Skyline” (which also had outtakes), built from that same story about alien ships using massive rays of blue lights to rip people into the sky and then yank out their brains, and focused on human brains and alien physicality might mix. “Skylin3s” continues that intriguing growth of story—even if the movies are ho-hum in their action, they at least show how a franchise can evolve instead of repeating itself. 

Skylines is a gleeful, action-centered mix of Aliens and This Island Earth, undemanding and entertaining with Morgan going toe-to-toe in punch-ups with Pilots and Harvesters. The story is formulaic, with the inevitable treachery in the team as visible as a supernova. 


When a virus threatens to turn friendly alien hybrids against humans, Capt. Rose Corley and her team of elite soldiers embark on a mission to an extraterrestrial world to save what’s left of mankind.