Holidaymakers buoyed by vaccine roll out

According to new research by travel insurance specialists holidaymakers have been buoyed by vaccine roll out of the Corona virus vaccine.

Most UK citizens are eager to take well break in 2021, with 96 per cent of those surveyed saying they plan at least one holiday this year – and 70 per cent hoping for two or more breaks following a year of being facing lockdown in the confines of their homes.

More than 1500 British travellers displayed the notion that the overwhelming majority will take the vaccine when offered, if it us a prerequisite for international travel.

Andrew Jackson, managing director of Just Travel Cover said the survey is a positive sign that the market can make a recovery after COVID-19.

He said: “It seems the vaccine has given people a renewed sense of optimism that we will emerge from this crisis very soon. The British public’s love of holidays hasn’t weakened, it is simply on hold – in fact, I think people need a break more than ever and plan to make up for lost time by taking more trips than they usually would, or plan a more luxurious holiday, for example. It’s clear from this research that we can expect a boom when it is safe to travel again”

Just Travel Cover specialize in Travel Insurance for those who are aged over 50 years and those with pre-existing medical condition stated that it was important to listen to clients and keep updating and adapting to the their ever changing needs.

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Meanwhile, international travel agencies have wholeheartedly supported the testing on departure of all travellers to ensure passengers can prove they are COVID-19 free and thus avoid the spread.

Experts say, “The common sense approach is to allow the free movement of people who can prove a negative test result, rather than reserve travelling or jobs for a small minority who have been vaccinated.”

There has long been a call for an internationally recognized rapid and cost-effective pandemic protective measures at all departure points worldwide which would avoid exporting the virus and help in restoration of passengers faith in international travel.