Is your lifestyle making you fat? Break the routine

When we talk of the struggles of settling in Dubai – job hunting, getting an affordable accommodation and cracking the driving test seem most worrying. However, people who move here also face a huge challenge of maintaining their weight.  Gaining weight after moving to Dubai affects almost everyone.

1: Check what you eat

This does not mean that you cannot enjoy world class food and the variety of cuisines available here. You only need to consider how often you eat out and what you eat. Avoid eating fatty food for five days of the week and give yourself a treat on the weekend at some lavish restaurant. Order high fiber and protein rich food.

2:  Eating on time

While trying to strike the work-life balance in this busy city, make sure you eat on time. Skipping meals and having them at late hours can make you eat more. Munching a healthy snack while working on your desk can keep hunger pangs away.

3: Exercise

We are not only talking about the gym here. If exercise bores you, you can take dance classes or enroll yourself in Zumba sessions. Swimming can help you stay relaxed and maintain your weight as well. Yoga and cycling along the beach is another option.

4:  Drink wisely

To fight the hot and humid summer of Dubai, carry homemade lemonade with mint and cucumber. Avoid soda and energy drinks. Fresh fruit juices are also available everywhere in the city. Coconut water can help you stay hydrated and cool.

5:  Take breaks at work

Sitting for longer duration can add to your weight gain. Try taking a small walk during the break time in your office. You can move around while speaking on the phone or talking to your colleagues.