Peace and security- War

There looks no end to the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan even after more than three weeks of ongoing fierce fighting over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabhak. In fact, the conflict between the two neighbouring states is an ethnic as well as territorial one over the disputed region whereupon Armenia extends its sole claim as the region is inhabited mostly by the ethnic Armenians. While the ongoing conflict has its roots in the early 20th century, the present conflict began in 1988 during collapse of the erstwhile USSR, when the Karabakh Armenians demanded that Karabakh be transferred from Soviet Azerbaijan to Soviet Armenia and that, as obvious, was vehemently opposed by Baku. 

The earlier Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between the two had escalated into a full-fledged war between them in the early 1990s followed by recurrence of tensions and skirmishes until the present major war began in September this year. Obviously, the mounting of tensions between the two has sharpened war-instincts between Azerbaijan as an Islamic country, though Baku is the most secular country in the Muslim world, and Armenia as a Christian one. Further the ISIS involvement may motivate many other Islamist militants and terror networks to collude and jump into this battle, thereby turning the war into a likely global crisis. 

As it looks that the open support of Turkey, Israel and Pakistan to Azerbaijan has added fuel to fire and has incited the war instincts of the two armies, besides igniting the killing spree of the terrorists fighting against Armenia. While the offensives and counter-offensives from both sides are increasingly rising against each other, there looks almost nil scope of respite in the coming days, especially because most of the major powers in Europe and the US are not making efforts to defuse the ongoing tensions between the two warring nations. 

Rather they are watching the ghastly scenario of the continuing war through the eyes of their vested interests, particularly in terms of the sale of arms and ammunitions and consequent earning of huge profit, because arms trade is a very lucrative business in the world. And the memory of the profits earned by these arms trading powers during the long tumultuous years of the Iran-Iraq war throughout 1970s, followed by Saur Revolution and consequently a decade long war between Mujahideens and Soviet Union backed communist government of Barbarak Karmal, must be still fresh in their minds. The Bosnia-Herzegovina war during 1990s further provided opportunity to these arms traders to earn profits.

Evidently, the globe peace and security is under serious threat in this Trans Caucasia region because both the belligerents are consistently mounting their offensives against each other with scant respect for the laws of war which clearly forbids attacks over civilian populations including schools and hospitals and other places of worship and social congregation. As evident, with the crisis consistently mounting to witness massive destruction of precious human lives and properties, more and more powers will align to either side of the two warring nations with differing interests. The ongoing conflict may acquire yet another threatening form as the possible war between the Muslims and the Christians or, more appropriately, between two civilisations, which may ultimately turn into the Third World War.           

Obviously all the major powers including the US, UK, France, Russia, Australia, China and India must take initiative at the earliest to extend their good offices, better under the aegis of the United Nations, by bringing both Armenia and Azerbaijan across the table for constructive talks and discussions so as to resolve their long-pending dispute forever.

That will obviously give them an opportunity to sort out their mutual differences and may further pave the way towards establishing enduring peace and security between them and also in the entire region. Indeed, both the warring neighbours must earnestly endeavour to overcome their long-pending differences in the larger interest of the peace and security in the Transcaucasia region as well as in the whole world, apart from stamping out the mounting terror menace due to the involvement of the ISIS in the conflict. 

Unfortunately both these belligerents are suffering the trauma of areason, paralogism, pre-occupied rationalities and self-alienation, devoid of sanity and Pure Consciousness. Further, it is upon them to save the global humanity from the possible holocaust of a major armed conflict or third World War, which is already suffering the grave threat to its existence due to Corona menace. 

As is a proven truth that in times of massive threat or unimaginable crisis, one is obviously reminded of the Almighty God and reclines towards religion or philosophy and metaphysics to seek enduring solace and peace. And that underscores the fact the human life is an endless journey to acquire knowledge from the material world to the spiritual world – or from the worldly knowledge to spiritual knowledge – to finally attain divinity or salvation or Moksha or Advaita ie union with God; as well elaborated in the ancient Indian culture and so-evolved traditional moral heritage & ethos. 

That explains why and how a life in the phenomenal world comes into existence and why it is destined to unite with the noumenal or metaphysical world or ultimately to salvation or Moksha. In fact, the entire issue is finally concerned with the human welfare – both material as well as spiritual – and that is characterised by the ever-lasting presence of the Pure Consciousness or Truth as invincible power ie. stayamev jayate. 

And this has once again emerged in India and also in all over the world, as a constructive vision as well as a collective human endeavour, when the entire humanity is united to earnestly fight the global menace of Covid-19 to success with firm conviction and determination. This fact must be taken into consideration by both Armenia as well as Azerbaijan and they must stop their bitter armed clashes forthwith. It will be won as nothing is beyond human endeavour.