I Meet Hotel Italy virtual event on 29 October

The I Meet Hotel Italy virtual event to be held on October 29 is an initiative of Bidroom, was created to connect the leaders, innovators, and disruptors to our global network of hoteliers.

Globally, the hospitality sector has taken a massive hit under Covid-19, with travel restrictions, restaurant and tourist attraction closures across the board. With I Meet Hotel Italy, we want to help industry professionals to build back better and more sustainably, by bringing them expert insights from the worlds of hospitality, travel consulting, and revenue management.

I Meet Hotel events are designed for hospitality professions. We aim to bring together decision-makers in order to create real-time partnerships during our live events. Our goal is to reach General managers, Owners, Revenue Managers, and Marketing managers from both major international and independent chains. Our next event will focus on Destination Italy; however, we will bring you speakers and themes that will apply internationally to the world of hospitality.

The I Meet Hotel Italy Event will cover the following items:

  • Italian Tourism: vision and scenarios for a valuable and sustainable restart by Maria Elena Rossi;
  • 2045: Visions and Previsions on Hotel Marketing by Simone Puorto;
  • Evolve to Rebound: how revenue must grow into a full commercial role to drive and thrive by Silvia Cantarella;
  • Increase bookings and customer value in a subscription economy by Michael Ros;
  • The Hospitality Dilemma by Giancarlo Carniani;
  • Hotels Reimagined by Nicola Accurso.

To obtain further information about this event, please visit the website of I Meet Hotel Italy.

SOURCE: https://www.revfine.com