Fahadh Faasil in the film Malayankunju

Fahadh Faasil explains the main conflict of Malayankunju

Actor Fahadh Faasil recently spoke about the premise of his upcoming film Malayankunju. The actor said that Malayankunju is special for him as his father Fazil is producing a movie after 20 years.

In a chat with Pearle Maaney, Fahadh shared that Malayalam cinema hasn’t seen a similar film in recent times. In the movie’s trailer, we saw that Fahadh’s character is trapped in a landslide after torrential rain and all he can hear is the sound of a baby crying. The actor shared that they had to erect a set for Malayankunju because the second half of the film is set 40 feet underground.

Trailer for Malayankunju, starring Fahad Fa

Explaining the plot of the movie, Fahadh Faasil said, “The character’s name is Anil. He is an electronic mechanic. So he usually works early in the morning around 3 am. So our movie begins with a baby being born in the house adjacent to his house. The baby and the mother arrive home. That’s where the movie begins. The main conflict is that Anil works in the morning and that’s when the baby starts crying too. And so his work gets disturbed. His sleep gets disturbed. His whole timetable goes for a toss. Eventually, he gets angry and just wants to get rid of the baby. That’s the point at which a landslide happens and in there, the only thing he can hear is the baby crying. That sound that he hated the most turns into his saviour.”

Fahadh also said that while researching for the role, he spoke to a man in Bhopal who had faced a similar situation.

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Source: TIE