What to visit in Malbork?

Everyone knows Malbork – it is a very famous city, which was the seat of the Teutonic Knights. Additionally, it is known for its very tasty Old Polish cuisine, which will satisfy not only history lovers. And Malbork is a real treat for them! Is Malbork only a castle? What to visit?

Malbork – a great place for a short trip

Malbork will be a great place for a short trip. It can also be a diversion from a visit to the Tricity. Malbork Castle tour from Gdansk is organized, which can be a great option if you want to feel the Old Polish atmosphere and see the Teutonic settlement. We mentioned old Polish cuisine – definitely worth trying the specialties: castle soup and wormwood! There are more attractions! 

Malbork Teutonic Castle

Of course you can’t visit this city and not be at the castle. It is an extraordinary place. First of all, it is the largest surviving castle from the Middle Ages in Europe! It is really big and visiting it will be quite an attraction. It consists of three parts: Low Castle, Middle Castle, and High Castle. Actually, each of them offers a wonderful view and is worth stopping for a while. To see the monumentality of the building, look at it from the riverside. Then you will see it in all its glory. The Castle Museum is also worth a look, as it features old weapons and reenactments. 

The largest reception hall in the castle is the Great Refectory, which was used to receive guests of the Grand Masters, and it is also where the monastic chapters were held. During the chapters, all the matters concerning the Teutonic Order were discussed. Apart from that, this hall was also used for daily services. This is a really impressive place – it has three pillars holding up the roof, is 9 meters high, 15 meters wide, and 30 meters long. That’s impressive!

In the second half of the 1550s, the Teutonic castle became the residence of Casimir Jagiellon, who was the king of Poland. 

The castle was also used as a military base for over three hundred years! The amazing history of this place gives it a unique atmosphere. 

The Latin School and the Hospital of Jerusalem

The monastery is not all, it is also worth visiting the Latin School, which, although not fully preserved to this day, has been renovated many times, but now houses the Malbork Centre for Culture and Education, which is worth a visit. The hospital, on the other hand, has been renovated after years of falling into ruins – a very interesting place in terms of architecture.