Tips For Booking Online Concert Tickets

Buying tickets online is easy, but there are some things you should know to avoid scams. If you follow the social media accounts of your favorite artist, you can get first notices about upcoming events. Purchasing tickets from a verified website is also a good idea, because you’ll be able to return them if you’re not happy with them. To help you avoid scams, check out these tips.

Price Tag Firms

Sign up for several price tag firms and sign in to them well before the event. Ticketmaster, AXS, and See Tickets are some of the biggest players, but you can also find smaller ticket companies like Gigs and Tours, Eventim, and The Ticket Manufacturing Unit. You should go online at least 10 minutes before the event begins so that you can buy tickets for the show. It’s a good idea to check out the popular shows and buy your tickets early, too.

Fan Club

One of the best ways to buy online concert tickets is by joining the fan club of your favorite artist. You’ll be notified when they announce upcoming concerts and tours. Be sure to sign up for the fan club before the public sale date, so you don’t miss out on the best seats. Remember, though, that you’ll be competing with thousands of other fans for the same seats, so don’t be tempted to take a chance.

Know the Venue, Date, and Price Range

You’ll also want to be sure that you know the venue, date, and price range of the concert you’re purchasing. It’s important to keep your credit card information close by so you don’t forget it later. Some people choose to register their credit cards on the ticket selling website before the actual event date, which can be a risky proposition. It’s always a good idea to have a backup of these details in case something goes wrong with your purchase.

Presale Code

If you want to purchase tickets before the general public, try to get the vivid seats promo code. Some artists have special presale codes for their concerts that you can enter. Getting these codes is the best way to avoid scams and to get the best seats. It’s important to keep a watch on social media and be prepared to spend extra money, since scams can happen. But there are some tricks you should know before buying online concert tickets.

Signed Into the Account

When buying tickets online, make sure you’re signed into your account. It’s important to log in to the site in order to buy tickets. If you’re buying from multiple computers, you’ll need to log in to every browser to avoid the possibility of being tricked. Keeping track of the time is very important, as you should be aware that you can spend more time browsing the site if you’re using multiple devices.

Searching for Resales

You can also save money by searching for resales. If you’re lucky, you can find cheap concert tickets through resales. If you can’t find any resales, you should look for an off-season period for the concert. You can do this by searching for resale tickets during the off-season, when the notice for the show is not so fresh. Because people have forgotten about the concert, prices will drop on the day before the show.

If You’re Dedicated

Buying online concert tickets can be difficult, but it’s possible if you’re dedicated. These tips will help you find the right place to buy your tickets. While buying online concert or theater tickets, remember to avoid buying from sites with fake reviews. You can also make a purchase with your credit card, but it can be risky. It’s best to check the website’s reputation before making a purchase.