Story: Plus Two students Kunjeldho and Nivedita fall in love, but when things get serious, can they take the heat?

Review: Kunjeldho is a love story between Plus Two students, filled with the usual campus fun, fights and a farewell function which brings a twist in the life of Kunjeldho (Asif Ali) and his girlfriend Nivedita (Gopika Udayan).

Kunjeldho is struck at first sight by Nivedita, as they start their lives as Plus Two students. She quickly loses her heart to him as well, and by the end of their studies, at the farewell function, the couple consummate their love. The second half is about the backlash they suffer of their families. The couple have to leave home and after struggling to find a home and survive, they are taken in by a kindly professor, played by Siddique. Will the couple finally win the support of their family?

Kunjeldho is a straightforward story, but debut director Mathukutty, who also scripted the film, and creative director Vineeth Sreenivasan excel in creating an absorbing mood, whether it is with the campus adventures or the emotional scenes in the second half. They are able to make the audience relate to the fun, with good humorous characters, and the pathos. Mathukutty, is a popular RJ and anchor, and with this film, shows that he is a master of several trades.

The songs, with a combination of Vineeth’s mesmerising voice and Shaan’s music, are fab. Swaroop Philip’s cinematography, especially in the village scenes and some scenes at Siddiquie’s house are all captured beautifully. The rains, the rubber estate and the misty hills are a feast for your eyes.

As always Vineeth’s cameo is unique. Always a good performer in youthful roles, Asif Ali has, in the recent past, shown that he can handle mature roles with equal gravitas, and in this film he makes an impressive shift from a playful youth to a guy who has to quickly grow up.

Debutant Gopika does justice to her role, though the director very cleverly manages her character without too many dialogues or complicated scenes, and the young actor has done the emotional scenes really well. Siddique excels again. Rekha as Kuljeldho’s mother, Akhil Manoj, Rupesh Pitambaran, Shruti, Jasniya, Sanju Sanichan all perform their parts really well, making you feel that not a single character is excessive.

Overall, Kunjeldho is a feel-good movie, with campus antics, love, emotions and songs; an apt movie to watch with family and friends during the Christmas holiday season.