Divya Khosla Kumar: Today it is all about hype and projection

Divya Khosla Kumar took to acting in a feature film once again with Satyameva Jayate 2. The actress was seen in the John Abraham starrer pulling off an interesting role. Divya who’s also a producer and a director has worked in and on multiple music videos too. Active in the industry since 2004, Divya sees a lot of changes around her today with the advent of social media.
Unlike the earlier days, where talent had to be on ground to be discovered by casting directors, today they are also being sourced out through social media. With that, one sees many newbies coming to showbiz from faraway places of India too. Ask Divya what she thinks of the changing trend, she shares her views saying, “I think that the time is such that fortunately or unfortunately it is all about the hype and projection (of a person on social media).”

She further explains saying, “I really don’t quite know if I am in for it, because I feel in such cases, at times the talent can get lost. There was a time jab sirf talent chalta tha and that is how it should be. Eventually, koi initially kitna bhi hype ya projection kyu na banaye… it is your work that has to speak and that has to come across on screen as an actor. You may get fan following and a lot of followers on social media, but eventually to be called a good actor, it is your work that needs to shine and praised. Everything dies down after certain time if your talent doesn’t come to the fore. In the end whosoever is talented will win the game.”