| Horror, Thriller |

Director: Jeffrey Reddick

Writers: Jeffrey Reddick

Cast: Kourtney Bell, Will Stout, Skyler Hart, Jaqueline Fleming

Release Date (Theaters): Oct 16, 2020  Limited

Release Date (Streaming): Oct 16, 2020

Runtime: 1h 30m


A young woman traumatized after the murder of her father discovers that the road to recovery is not so easy. After her terrible experience, she unluckily becomes part of a group of witnesses who watch as a man is brutally attacked in the park. Soon after, all those that stood by come to the realization that they are in danger as a mysterious stranger – or perhaps something more supernatural – begins picking them off, one by one.


It revolves around a group of people who witness an assault in New York City’s Central Park but don’t do anything about it, just look away, walk away, stand and watch or even record it with their smartphones. Not a good samaritan in the bunch. When some of these witnesses start to die, young mom Caitlin Kramer (Kourtney Bell) tries to discover the truth behind the dangerous situation before she too ends up a casualty of her ostensibly poor life decision.