Destinations that will not open for tourists until 2021


With many nations starting to relax travel restricts, some of the favourite holiday destinations have opted to remain closed to visitors until 2021. That is because many countries have decided to keep tourists at bay, fearing the risk of a second wave of Coronavirus. If you have been craving an year-end trip, this is where you cannot go until 2021.

  • Bali

Bali originally planned to reopen for international visitors on September 11, but has now decided to keep its borders closed until 2021. Recently, Bali Governor stated that the Indonesian Government is not open to the idea of reopening its doors to international travellers until the end of 2020 in the wake of the Coronavirus spike.

  • Australia

It is very unlikely that Australia is going to lift restrictions on travellers entering the country anytime soon. Reportedly, Australia’s Prime Minister hinted in late June that the country will not reopen to international tourists until the middle of 2021. Also, more recently, the country’s national airline, Qantas, initially suspended scheduled international flights until the end of October 2020, but has now withdrawn all flight sales until March 2021.

  • Vietnam

Recently, Vietnam began resuming operations of limited international flight connections in Asia, i.e., with South Korea, Japan, China, and Taiwan, but only for Vietnamese nationals, students, business people, diplomats, and other selected passengers. Local travel agents are of the view that tourists will likely not be allowed until December.

  • New Zealand

The New Zealand border remains closed for almost all travellers. However, a small number of people are allowed to travel to New Zealand, including the residents and people travelling for unavoidable purposes. To avail this, they must first submit a request to travel.