Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix 2024

2024 Bahrain Grand Prix: An Exciting F1 Season Opener

The Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix 2024: An Exciting Start to the F1 Season
The Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) is preparing to launch the 2024 F1 season with the Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix. Notably, the event will mark its 20th anniversary, and for the first time ever, it will light up the desert skies with a Saturday night race.
The 2024 Formula 1 season is all set to kick off in style, and it’s not just any season opener. The Bahrain International Circuit, known as “The Home of Motorsport in the Middle East,” is preparing to celebrate its 20th anniversary with a grand spectacle.

When and Where?
Mark your calendars for the Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix, taking place from the 29th of February to the 2nd of March. Please note that this date is subject to confirmation by the FIA, but the excitement is undeniable.
A Saturday Night Race Spectacle
What makes this Bahrain Grand Prix even more special is that it will be the first-ever Saturday night race in the history of Formula 1. The decision to hold the race on a Saturday evening is not just for show; it’s a strategic move. This timing allows for the necessary logistics to be in place for the second race of the season, which is set to happen in Saudi Arabia, also as a Saturday night race.
A Glimpse into the Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix:
Set against the shimmering backdrop of Umm Jidar, the BIC is the jewel in the crown of Bahrain’s motorsport achievements. And this year, it promises an electrifying blend of racing and entertainment.
The event details are as follows:
Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix Event Details
Thursday 29th February – Practice
Friday 1st March – Qualifying
Saturday 2nd March – Race
Location: Bahrain International Circuit, Manama, Bahrain
Race Start Time
: 18:00
Laps: 57
Circuit Length: 5.412 KM
Ticketing and Access: Seize Your Spot in the Grandstands – Book Your Tickets Today!
Experience the Magic of Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix:
Bahrain is renowned for its unique desert setting. Yet, amid the arid landscape, the BIC stands as a testament to the region’s passion for racing. With wide tracks and long stretches, it offers the perfect ground for thrilling overtakes, challenging both drivers and their machines.
Join the Celebration
Bahrain International Circuit is gearing up for its 20th-anniversary celebration, making this race weekend a must-attend for any Formula 1 fan. As the first race of the 2024 season, expect an incredible mix of racing and entertainment, with special celebrations to mark Bahrain’s landmark 20th anniversary in motorsport.
How to Get There
If you’re planning to attend the Bahrain Grand Prix, here’s how you can get to the Bahrain International Circuit:
By Car: Drive east on Shaikh Khalifa Bin Salman Highway from downtown Manama, follow signs to Sakhir, and you’ll reach Bahrain International Circuit.
By Taxi: You can also request a ride-hailing service to Bahrain International Circuit from anywhere in Manama. It’s a famous destination, and most drivers would be familiar with the location.
Get ready for an unforgettable start to the 2024 F1 season in Bahrain. Secure your tickets during the Early Bird sale and be part of history!

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By- Sahiba Suri