A chocolicious tea in an edible chocolate cup

Source: The Hindu.com

A tea shop in Madurai located the southern Indian state of Tamil has started serving its customers piping hot tea using edible cups made out of biscuit and chocolate. Once a customer finishes a cup of tea or coffee, they can then eat their cups!

The shop is an outlet of R. S. Pathy and Company, which started selling tea dust packets five years back but now it not only sells tea dust packets but also serves tea and coffee to the customers.

These edible cups have been a huge hit among customers in the wake of the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, says R. Vivek Sabapathy, Managing Director of R.S. Pathy and Company. “The cups were introduced a few days back and within a short period, around 2,000 cups have been sold,” he added.

Since the introduction of a ban against single-use plastic products, the company has been using new methods to serve tea to its customers. Earlier they were serving customers tea in earthen cups.

After a thorough research for a year, the cup was launched in March this year. The cup can hold 60-ml of cup tea or coffee for up to 10 minutes and after drinking the tea the customer can enjoy eating the cup as well! Talk about having your tea and eating it too!