Multi-talented, Award-winning 6-Year Old Raahi Amit Singh is The New Wonder Child of India

Kumari Raahi Amit Singh, made it to the headlines once again as she became the highlight of an India-based newspaper and wowed the international audience for her stellar performance in the recent Srimad Bhagavadgita Competition.

Behind the success of Raahi is the guidance from her Mentor Smt Subhadra Devi, Teacher Ms Sriparna and under the tutelage of the SVYASA Yoga University’s Organisation.

Raahi was among those who by hearted all the 700 Shlokas of Srimad Bhagavadgita and made a presentation of the same in Lalita Ramalakshmi Trust Competition held at Tarangini, S-VYASA on 21st September 2020.

The rising star was on the spotlight as she was the youngest of the troupe, whose confidence level, was highly appreciated by the Examiners. She and the group received a cash award of Rs.10,000 and a certificate was conferred on them.

The said competition was held with the gracious presence of Guruji, Prof. Ramachandra G Bhat and Dr. Pushar Deopujari

Examiners asked them to chant Shlokas randomly from different chapters and asked to chant Shlokas wherein some specific words came, like ‘Shraddha,’ ‘Brahma,’ Jnana’ etc; to which children answered successfully.

Rising Star

Touted as the ‘New Wonder Child of India,’ Raahi was featured previously in an article chronicling how she shook the world with a memory milestone.

The 6-years old music connoisseur was born on April 16, 2014. She started Gita chanting at the age of 2 yrs. Her first youtube video marks the 12th chapter of Gita at the age of 2 years 4 month.

She is a Bengaluru, daughter of Dr. Amit Singh, an Ayurvedic doctor and clinical researcher is setting an example for new bees in this world on milestones of memory. 

Legendary Child

Bhagwadgita being the reference and holistic textbook of yoga which has 18 chapters and every chapter has many verses are being recited and memorized by this legendary child from the age of 24 months / 2 years. 

Kids of her age don’t remember the name of places or objects but this child memorized verses of Gita and started reciting which was further recorded by family members and uploaded in YouTube which got over 700 views. 

There are many uploads from age 2 years to 3 years , 4 years old and finally 6 years as per today where she has more than 3,000 views altogether. 

Her capacity to memorize didn’t stop here and now she is able to chant upto 12 chapter which is altogether over 100+ verses. This article is not about the child but also about Yoga, shlokas and sanskrit which has been documented in many texts that learning sanskrit in early age enhances memory. 

Sensory memory which lasts for a few seconds. Short term memory which last for 2-3 mins and finally the long term memory which has unlimited time frame. Repetition and vibrations of sanskrit verses increase the memory disc space in the brain along with Random access memory which is called RAM which is important to switch over the thoughts and applications in the brain leading to intelligence in children. 

Role Model
Raahi Singh is a living example for children to be evaluated based on sanskrit learning and finally achieving milestones. These videos on YouTube and this article are dedicated to yoga and sanskrit to bring an awareness towards ancient wisdom which is getting lost somewhere and our effort is to bring back the awareness by showing this live example and effort done by baby girls.