OTT releases that deserves applause

OTT has been belting out releases one after the other. It’s kept people entertained in grim times when little else was possible. While you keep your eyes fixed on the next big gripping drama, edge-of-the-seat thriller, or an inspiring documentary, some of the best surprises are lying in the stack of previously released content. So here we are, bringing you a curated list of recommendations from the exhaustive titles out there, that you must watch if you haven’t already. Take your pick.


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It’s often believed that adapting a book is easier than coming up with an original script. But Little Women, which received six Academy Award nominations, shows how adaptation is an art unto itself. A literary classic, the story had been translated into cinema seven times before Greta Gerwig’s adaptation came out. Despite sticking to the essentials of its source material, the latest iteration captures the essence of how Victorian beliefs controlled feminity. It’s smart, sensitive, has a stellar cast, and even has the courage to look at the climax in a new light. 

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    As Indians, we love our masala films and a Hollywood equivalent that ticks all the right boxes is Bad Boys for Life. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence team up once again, but this time, unlike in the first two iterations, there are no racist undertones, no homophobic comments, no mindless violence… This recent sequel is easily the best of the franchise. 
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    Coming-of-age films are dime-a-dozen in Hollywood. What separates Selah and the Spades from other such films in the genre is that it doesn’t succumb to the clichés. The premise itself—of Selah trying to find a worthy person to take over as her faction’s head—is brilliant, and the way this idea is executed is enterprising. It’s a story that is a

healthy mix of familiarity and surprises. 


    This film is a bolt from the blue for those who have only seen Adam Sandler in humorous roles. Uncut Gems is a crime thriller that follows the story of a Jewish-American diamond jeweller whose life spirals around his gambling addiction. The fact that the film makes you root for such an emotional train wreck says volumes about how good it is.

Source : Express News Service