| Horror |

Director: K. Selvaraghavan

Cast: S.J. Suryah, Regina Cassandra, Nandita Shwetha

Running time: 2 hrs. 23 mins

Release date: 05th March, 2021

Ramsay aka Ramaswamy ( SJ Suryah) is a greedy industrialist who has climbed up the ladder through shortcuts in life. He behaves and projects himself as an obedient husband to Swetha (Nandita Swetha), who the reason behind his luxurious life. Ramsay is also a pervert who is lusting after his maid Mariam (a God-fearing Regina Cassandra who has refused to marry as she wants to serve Jesus and the needy). 

Mariam is aware of Ramsay’s move but she decides to stay on, for the sake of Rishi, the little kid of her employer. Now the cunning Ramsay sketches a plan and things turn ugly,  that Mariam loses her life. The second half is all about how Mariam takes revenge against Ramsay, the face of evil.

SJ Suryah delivers a stunning performance as Ramsay and one can surely call Nenjam Marapathillai to be one of his best works. He is eccentric, enticing, and enjoyable as Ramsay and the people who love his craziness would have a blast watching him perform. He is absolutely amazing and it is a delight to watch him go all crazy and weird.

Regina Cassandra gets a solid role, as Mariam and she pulls it off quite neatly. She manages to showcase emotions through her eyes that look powerful. It is the performances of these two actors that make Nenjam Marapathillai look better, despite its other shortcomings. Nandita Swetha does her part well in a character that could have been sketched even better.