For the Sake of Vicious – (2020) English

| Action, Horror, Thriller |

Cast: Lora Burke, Nick Smyth, Dorian Allen

Runtime: 1 hrs. 20mins

For the Sake of Vicious is a pulse-pounding adrenaline rush that never lets up over its concise 80-minute running time. Written and directed by Gabriel Carrer and Reese Eveneshen, the duo expertly pull together several threads here, from the mysterious assault that drives Chris’ unbridled anger to Alan’s complicated backstory, all while delivering a non-stop barrage of gruesome action in the film’s back half.

With strong performances from the three leads, a throbbing, nerve-racking soundtrack (also handled by Gabriel Carrer), and visceral moments of outright mayhem in one confined location, For the Sake of Vicious is a harrowing and cathartic exploration of the inner rage and violence most of us keep well under wraps

For the Sake of Vicious is an action horror film with clear goals and purpose and sets out to meet them as efficiently as possible. Letting nothing get in its way For the Sake of Vicious comes barrelling through our front doors, brandishing knives with an intent to kill. And Carrer and Eveneshen kill it good. 


Nurse and Single mother Romina returns from a late shift on Halloween to find a maniac hiding out with a hostage in her home. Wih the clock ticking on solving the situation, waves of violent intruders descend upon the neighborhood and besiege the house. Romina soon realizes the only way to survive is to become as violent as everyone else.