Murder in the Woods (2020) English

| R |1 hrs. 30mins. | Horror, Mystery, Thriller|

On a dark, cold night in 2006, in a cabin in the woods, a murder occurred. The police called it a murder-suicide. The case was closed but the dark secrets surrounding this horrible incident are still very much alive in the haunted cabin to this day.

Director:  Luis Iga

Writers: Yelyna De Leon

Cast: José JuliánJeanette SamanoChelsea Rendon | See full cast »

Critic Reviews

Murder In The Woods’ is as well-conceptualized as the title, which struggles to get past the generic nature of this seen-it-before narrative that lacks inspired execution. Something is endearing about a film that isn’t desperate to impress. Instead, it announces itself as a drive-in special that could serve up some good times with a unique spin.