Apple provides first FDA-cleared surgical mask to employees

SOURCE: Republic World

Apple has developed a self-designed mask for its employees in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The Apple Mask is the first such product created in-house by the Cupertino giant for its own employees. It has three layers of filtration and comes with an option to join the ear loops behind the head. Additionally, each mask comes with a clip that can be used to tie the mask behind your head for a more secure fit.

As per Apple, the mask has been designed by people who work on iPhones and iPads.Each Apple

Mask can be used up to five times (up to eight hours in each usage). It should also be washed every eight hours. Apple does not share a rating for the effectiveness of the Apple Mask but blowing through it does not allow the air to pass. Also, it makes you sound more muffled, indicating a secured fit.

Apple has also provided another face protection, the ClearMask, to its employees. It is said to be the first FDA-cleared surgical mask that is completely transparent. It helps people with hearing impairments visually communicate without a hitch. The tech giant has collaborated with Washington-based Gallaudet University to develop the ClearMask..