Metro’s Legtaifiya Station to open tomorrow

QATAR Railways Company (Qatar Rail) has announced that the Legtaifiya Station will be ready for use by the public on September 1. The new station completes the 40 km-long Red Line while new Wi-Fi services will be available across the rail network as soon as the country enters phase four of the easing of restrictions.

Prior to the lockdown, the Doha Metro was operating 36 out of 37 stations. The Red Line connects travellers from Al Wakra in the South to Lusail in the North, with stops along key destinations on the way.

The Legtaifiya Station will allow Qatar residents and visitors convenient access to The Pearl, Lagoona Mall and a host of high-end hotels in the area, including the Ritz-Carlton, the Mondrian and the Grand Hyatt. The station will also serve as one of two interchange stations for the Lusail Tram which is expected to officially open later.

Currently, the Legtaifiya station is set to host four retail units, two ATMs and one vending machine. These prime retail spaces are expected to serve scores of commuters and neighbourhood customers.

Qatar Rail Wi-Fi

Qatar Rail Legtaifiya station to open shortly

The launch of the much-anticipated Legtaifiya Station is a key milestone for the Doha Metro, bringing the fully-integrated rail network to completion. With the Legtafiya Station, the Doha Metro expands its service and opens more journey routes for people from neighbouring areas.
In addition, Qatar Rail has also confirmed the launch of Wi-Fi across all Doha Metro stations as part of efforts to foster connectivity for travellers.

The Qatar Rail Wi-Fi will provide seamless accessibility for public use across all trains and lines (Red, Gold and Green) to metro station customers. All trains are to be equipped with Wi-Fi gradually.

The new Wi-Fi services will allow customers to remain online during their journey and enjoy unlimited connectivity by subscribing to one of the premium packages as Qatar Rail is focused on creating the best in class rail network to provide customers with constantly upgraded amenities and an unparalleled service.

Customers can connect online as soon as they enter any station and until they leave. A one-time registration will be required per user. They will be required to sign in using their mobile number, input a One Time Password (OTP) or use Facebook or email authentication before use. The Qatar Rail Wi-Fi offers users free connectivity for 30 minutes per day on a limited bandwidth.

The Metro mobile app also gives users access to travel routes, registration and recharge options in addition to real time information on the trains.

The rail network service connects travellers and residents to destinations across the country, including tourist hubs for sports, shopping and local attractions. The Red Line, Doha Metro’s longest running line, takes travellers to key areas including the Katara, Al Bidda Park, the Doha Golf Club and Hamad International Airport.