Pablo Neruda

Forensic Experts Determined Pablo Neruda was Poisoned to Death

After 50 years of Pablo Neruda’s death, it is determined by forensic experts that he died of poisoning, says the poet’s nephew, Rodolfo Reyes.

The information has not been yet confirmed by the forensic experts from Canada, Denmark and Chile. However the public release of the report is scheduled for Wednesday.

The revelation is a turn in on the long-lived modern Chilean mystery. According to the official version, Neruda – who made his name as a young poet with the collection Twenty Poems of Love and a Song of Despair – died from prostate cancer and malnutrition on 23 September 1973.

International forensics experts several years ago rejected the official cause of death as cachexia, or weakness and wasting of the body due to chronic illness — in this case cancer. But at that time they said they had not determined what did kill Neruda.

Source: AP News