Afrofuturism 2022

Afrofuturism —an ever-expansive aesthetic and practice—where music, visual arts, science fiction, and technology intersect to imagine alternate realities and a liberated future viewed through the lens of Black cultures. Immerse yourself in Afrofuturism, Carnegie Hall’s 2022 citywide festival.

Afrofuturism’s boundless sonic essence is celebrated with jazz, funk, R&B, Afrobeat, hip-hop, electronic music, and more. In education and social impact programs created by the Hall’s Weill Music Institute, young musicians, teachers, and people of all ages explore the infinite possibilities of Afrofuturism.

Across New York City, leading cultural organizations present multidisciplinary programming that touches African and African diasporic philosophies, speculative fiction, mythology, comics, quantum physics, cosmology, technology, and more. A diverse range of online offerings also includes film screenings, exhibitions, and talks with some of the leading thinkers and creatives in this multitiered experience.

An introduction for some and a continued quest for others, this trek across space and time will enrich and revitalize our relationship to new futures and futures past. Whether you know Afrofuturism through Alice Coltrane, the literary genius of Octavia E. Butler, the glowing world of comics, or the mythos of Sun Ra and P-Funk, epiphanies will abound in this experiential saga through the realm of Astro-Blackness.

From Thursday 03 February 2022 – Sunday 10 April 2022

For fans of: Electronic, Hip-Hop, Indie & Alt, Folk & Blues, Classical, and Jazz.